Security Consultancy

With Security Consultancy client can make significant savings in purchases and improve personnel security solutions. Our professional consultance improves work environment and reduces unnecessary investements.

We offer security consultancy:

  • Corporate management and business premises threat and risk survey
  • Companys security solutions inspection
  • Consulting in personal protection and personal security
  • Consulting in travel security
  • Counter terrorism professional services
  • Company & housing rescue planning

Our company has security consultancy and also all the necessary security services all around the world. We have wide contact and professional network in many countries and because of that we can provide all the necessary services from one place.

We also have wide range of expertice and professionals in high risk areas:

  • Middle-East: (Iraq, Israel, Yemen, etc)
  • Asia ( Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Filippines etc.)
  • Africa (Nigeria, Somalia, Tsad, Ghana, etc)
  • Eastern-Europe (Russia, Ukrain, Romania, etc.)

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