Security Guards

Our primary purpose is to ensure that your people, property and assets are protected. By employing Special Security Group – SSG, our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that we provide the best service in the industry.

Security Guards

As the first point of contact on your site, Special Security Group – SSG Guards will act as professional ambassadors for your company, whilst simultaneously protecting your property, personnel, business operations and key assets. You can rely on SSG to look after your needs. Our security services can be customized to meet your specific needs. SSG professional security guards have extensive experience and training to ensure that your business is well protected.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective and visible deterrent when full-time security is not practical. Each security patrol contract is tailored to your requirements, from external security patrols, carried out by our mobile guards at random times, too complete internal security patrols. Their aim is to create the most visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers or opportunists and ensure peace of mind that all is secure.

Special Security Group – SSG provides security guards:

Professional Security Guards
Commercial Property Security
Industrial Site Security
Office Building Security
Construction Site Security
Transportation Security
Warehouse & Factory Security
Apartment and Condo Security
Mall and Retail Security
Site Access Control Security
Hotel, Bar and Resort Security
Event Security Guards

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