Training Services

Special Security Group – SSG is a training organization based on providing the most current and up to date operational methods
for military, law enforcement and high-level security professionals.

Special Security Group – SSG offers its services to Governments, military special forces/ operations, corporations and agencies for specialized high-risk security operations training.


Close Protection Basic Course, 10 Days
Close Protection Advanced Course, 10 Days
High Risk Armed Protection (PSD) Course, 10 Days
High Risk Armed Protection (PSD) Course, 21 Days
Combat Medic Course, 10 Days
CQB / Small Team Tactics Course, 10 Days
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Course, 6 Days
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Advanced Course, 6 Days
HEAT Course (Hostile Environment Awareness Training), 5 Days

Special Courses for Government, Police , Army, Special Forces etc:

  • Basic Close Protection Course
  • Advanced Close Protection Course
  • PSD Course
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Course
  • Scout Sniper Course
  • Basic Sniper Course
  • Advanced Sniper Course
  • Scout Sniper Course
  • Special Forces Movement and Tactics Course
  • Special Forces Marksmanship and CQB Course
  • Combat Medic (Tactical Combat Casualty Care, TCCC)
  • Counter Terrorism Course

We can change all these courses for the customer demands.

Training facilities are in Finland but we offer training around the world.

We will send our mobile training team almost anywhere in the world!

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