TSCM – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

To help eliminate potential losses, clients rely on Special Security Group – SSG’s expertise in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures because of our scalability and rapid deployment of “de-bugging” services.

TSCM sweeps or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are technical and physical counter surveillance surveys using highly specialist equipment to detect, identify and locate illicit eavesdropping devices and GSM bugs within offices, boardrooms, vehicles, residential properties and telephone systems.

Whether you are seeking to proactively protect your information or if you feel that you have been the victim of an illegal eavesdropping device, SSG’s TSCM solutions can neutralise any threat to your confidential information and in doings so, deter competitors, employees, terrorists, criminals and others before damage can be done.

Our TSCM approach is to enhance the overall security of your organisation. We will help assess where vulnerabilities lie, delivering strategic security advice and then take proactive action via the implementation of our advanced TSCM sweep. Our TSCM surveys are targeted at preventing, as well as detecting any unauthorised and illegal interception and subsequent disclosure of sensitive information.

A full, comprehensive and systematic physical and technical inspection will then be conducted in the areas designated, using the most up-to-date counter surveillance equipment commercially available.
Following the survey, our findings would be detailed in a report, highlighting the results of the technical and physical survey, along with our recommendations to improve current practices.

Workplace Inspections

• Law offices

• Boardrooms

• Trading floors

• Executive suites

• Conference rooms

• Board meeting inspections

• Info-loss vulnerability surveys

Optical Surveillance Detection

• Spycams, Covert Video

• Privacy due diligence for hotels, country clubs, resorts,

community pools, schools and high profile individuals.

Residential Surveillance Detection

• Executive homes & offices

• Off-site business meetings

• Hotel room & resort conference areas

• Corporate apartments

Vehicle Inspections

• Eavesdropping Detection

• GPS Tracking Detection

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