Counter Terrorism

The threat of terrorism has grown significantly in Europe and even here in Finland. It may be only a matter of time, when we have the first terrorist attack.

The authorities are doing a good job and they are trying to prevent any possible attacks. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter it is impossible to prevent all attacks, as we have seen in the rest of Europe. Attacks can also be individual persons whose plans can be almost impossible to find out in advance. The resources are limited, and not all the items in the control of possible terrorists attacks all the time.

Our company offers professional security forces, which can be any of the terrorists attacks. Our company have a foreign counter terrorism experts, who have a long experience with terrorism in the public authorities, in many different countries, such as Israel, France, Italy, as well as a number of countries in the Middle East and Africa. In addition, we have home-grown expertise in a different body, such as the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Secret Police).

Our solutions to prevent act of terrorism:

Security consulting (counter terrorism)
Security measures testing (terrorism attacks and counter measures)
Profiling (profiling possible suspects)
Surveillance and counter surveillance
Surveillance detection (to reveal terrorist preplanning)
Armed close protection officers

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