Close Protection / Bodyguard

Close protectionClose Protection services in Helsinki, Finland

Personal Protection is essential, if you feel at risk or you think you may be threatened, now, or in future.

We provide experienced and extremely well trained Close Protection team, trained to suit you at personal risk, and from the risk in the region you are based in, or travelling to.

Our Close Protection Officers have been recruited and very well trained, while SSG ensured they are among the few of selected in terms of experience, intelligence and professionalism. Our Operators bring with them years of Military, Police and Private Security experience.

The Special Security Group – SSG’s Close Protection programme starts with the consultancy phase. During this stage, we fully take the time to understand the clients needs, so that we can ensure we are providing the correct level of service, using the right operatives and methods, so that we fit into our clients lifestyle.

At SSG, we have extensive experience and knowledge of providing close protection personnel and security services to both corporate and individual clients Worldwide including, VIP’s, Red Carpet Events and clients in the sporting, leisure and music industries.

Experience that they have gained in this sector, including ex-military and police personnel, makes us ideally placed to provide a service that is discrete, safe, stylish and most importantly secure.

The Special Security Group – SSG’s Close Protection team also carry out our Residential Security operations and make up our Residential Security Teams (RST). All have vast experience in securing, patrolling and protecting high net worth assets, personnel and residencies and the team can be deployed and mobilised at very short notice to provide an effective, discreet and secure solution for both long and short term contracts.

Close Protection Services:

  • Executive Protection Team’s
  • Close Protection Services
  • VIP Protection Team’s
  • Residential Security Team’s
  • Security Drivers
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Counter Terrorism
  • TSCM Team (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)
  • Event Security

Close Protection in High Risk Environments:

  • Government Employees
  • Aid Workers
  • Journalists, Photographers and Film Crew
  • Company Employees