Private Investigating and Surveillance

private investigation

Private Investigating

Our private investigators and surveillance team is comprised also of retired police officers who have conducted surveillance assignments througout their careers. Each of our surveillance teams are equipped with state of the art recording devices very similar to that used by law enforcement agencies and were spesifically purchaced for their ability to be used for both day and night surveillance.

Each surveillance investigation is unique and depends on type of injury, length of injury, gender of claimant, type of work and mobility of claimant, along with the purpose of surveillance investigation and anticipated outcome. A surveillance investigation must be carefully planned and executed.

Our planning and usage of latest technologies guarantee excellent results with positive outcomes for all our clients.

  • Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and Surveillance Detection
  • Covert Operations
  • Work Cover Investigations
  • Business partnership
  • Identity theft
  • Internal and external theft
  • And much more..